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Wahlsche Schnapsbirne - Plum Brandy

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The history of this pear variety begins in the 1970s with a wild pear tree in Erich Wahl's orchard on a railway embankment near Schwäbisch Hall. Unfortunately, this unique pear tree fell victim to a chainsaw during a railway dam expansion. Fortunately, however, some scions could be cut in advance and the variety saved. The pear was named "Wahlsche Schnapsbirne" in honor of Mr. Wahl.

In the 1980s, the pear and its distillate were presented at the University of Hohenheim. The aroma is often stronger than that of the Williams Christ pear. The fruits for this brandy come from the Black Forest. The Wahlsche Schnapsbirne was distilled 4 times.

The spirits are available in two sizes and are filled in original apothecary bottles. The indicated price already includes the deposit for the bottle. (3 € for the 500 ml bottle, 2 € for the 100 ml bottle)